After you have placed the base on a flat stable surface, speed selector is in off position, power supply is connected,  ingredients has not exceeded the maximum level and lid is closed, please see below steps how to use your blender.

1. Power selector in 'On' position.
2. Speed collector in 'Off' position.
3. The speed controller in the 'M' position so the pulse (for a short and fast operation) option is now available. You can also choose the programmed function 'Ice', 'Smoothie' or 'Soup'. Please take note the function only blings only for 30 seconds. Please do not use for more than 1 minute.
4. Use the speed controller knob to blend at the desired speed. The speed indicator light will now turn on. Please do not use for more than 2 minutes.

This solution is suitable for the blender BL-4473