As a customer, you are responsible for packing the return shipment properly for proper protection during transport. 

We have listed a number of recommendations for you below. If you follow these recommendations, the return shipment will be better protected and we will be able to receive and process it faster. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  1. It is important to include all supplied accessories (cables, batteries, manuals, etc.).
  2. If you are sending a product in for repair, please make sure that any liquids, coffee beans, etc. are removed from the unit and, if necessary for the purposes of determining the defect, are packed and added to the return shipment separately. Failure to remove these and similar items from the device before returning it could result in significant damage to the device.
  3. Use the original packaging, i.e. the packaging in which you received the product, if this is reasonably possible. Preferably use an extra box (outer carton) and any padding materials (usually air cushions).
  4. Always use high quality material. Take strength, impact resistance and durability as benchmarks when choosing your packaging materials.
  5. Choose boxes made of cardboard, with a good quality cover. For valuable products, use double-layer cardboard.
  6. If necessary, use adhesive tape to close the outer box securely. If you are sealing the original packaging, do not use PVC or duct tape, but only strong, transparent adhesive tape. 
  7. Pack fragile goods in the middle of the box and make sure they cannot touch the sides of the box during transport. Your product should be well protected on all sides from possible shocks and bumps.
  8. Use shock absorbing filling materials, especially to ensure that the contents of the outer box do not shift. Do not underfill or overfill the box: boxes that are underfilled may collapse, and boxes that are overfilled may tear.
  9. For materials that are not too sturdy, use labels that say "this side up" and an upward pointing arrow, or write and draw this on the outer box with a waterproof felt pen clearly visible.
  10. If you are reusing a box, remove any labels and stickers to avoid confusion. Also, make sure the box is in good condition and not worn.
  11. If you hand write the return address on the box, fill in the return address clearly and completely, preferably with a waterproof felt-tip pen. For handwritten labels, use capital letters only for best readability.


*If the packaging of your product does not meet these requirements we are not responsible for damage to the product that occurred during transportation.

*Please note that if no technical defect is found or the defect is due to user error, expenses may be charged. If we find this we will inform you before proceeding with the repair.