If your clothes steamer does not work, the tips below may help you get your appliance steaming again. 

No steam?

1. Make sure the water tank is filled between the min and max.

2. Detach the water reservoir and when detached you will see a small grey ball (see photo). 

3. Perhaps this little ball is too tight in the rubber, preventing water from entering the inlet. Try rolling the ball loose with your finger. We expect the appliance to work again after this. Now keep the steam button pressed a little longer, as it may take a little longer for the pump to pump up the water the first time you use it.

Still no steam?

There may be an air bubble in the water supply hose blocking the steam. Switch the appliance on, then shake it up and down firmly for a while. This will loosen the air bubble and the hand steamer will start forming steam again.

If the product still does not work after these tips, there will probably be a defect. If your product is still in the warranty period, it is best to contact the seller of the product.

This solution is suitable for Model ST-8916, ST-8920, PD-8745, PD-8809, PD-8810, PD-8811  PD-8949