Of course there is always the possibility that the airconditioner as gone faulty.

You can easily check it as follow:

  • Set the airconditioner to the lowest temperature possible. 
  • Let it run for about two or three minutes and then hold your hand in front of the cold air outlet on the front of the airconditioner. 
  • If you feel cold air coming from the outlet this means the airconditioner functions as it supposed to.
  • If there no cold air coming out of the outlet, check the settings again and if they are all right, the airconditioner might be faulty and you can contact our service centre.

When using a mobile airconditioner, you have to consider if the capacity is enough to cool the space it is placed in.

There are a few things that influence this.

  • At first you have to check if the capacity of the airconditioner is sufficient. It is impossible to cool a very large room with a mobile airconditioner. 

  • Check if no windows or doors are open when turning on the airconditioner

  • Try to reduce sunlight as much as possible. Close curtains, especially those that are directly in the sunlight

  • Let the warm air hose out of the window if possible by using a window kit

There is no possibility for warm air to come through the window in the room again when using these kits. They are available for sliding windows as well as for windows that tilt.