Wine Cooler Model WR-7512, WR-7508 & WR-7516

It is recommended to install the wine refrigerator where the ambient temperature is between 10°C and 26°C. If the room temperature is higher or lower than recommended, the efficiency of the appliance may be affected.

The temperature may fluctuate depending on whether the unit's lamp is on or where the bottles are located (top, middle or bottom).

  • WR-7508 is designed for a maximum cooling of 16℃ below room temperature. 

           Note: At an ambient temperature of 25℃ or below, the unit has a temperature range of 7℃ to 18℃.

  • WR-7512 is designed for maximum cooling of 16℃ below ambient temperature. 
  • WR-7516 is designed for maximum cooling of 14℃ below ambient temperature.

           Note: When the ambient temperature is around 25°C or less, the unit can maintain a temperature range between 11-18°C.

On a hot summer day the environment may be too warm to achieve the ideal cooling temperature. Suppose the temperature is normally set at 7℃, for example, it can't go below 12℃.

Bad cooling can also be caused by dust on the fan and cooling fins on the back which could cause that the fan on the back and/or inside is not working anymore. If you will clean the back side of the fan, the problem may be solved.

For the cleaning of the fan you can use a dry cloth, the outside of the wine cooler can be cleaned using a damp cloth with warm water and mild detergent.