Model number BW-4751, BW-4752 & BW-4753

This heating blanket is fitted with a special safety appliance which can automatically regulate the temperature by turning the power on and off at regular intervals. The maximum temperature of the heating blanket is limited to 55ºC to ensure safe use.

The heating blanket model BW-4751 is equipped with a control unit of 4 positions:

– 3 - maximum temperature; 

– 2 - medium temperature; 

– 1 - minimum temperature; 

– 0 - off 

The heating blanket model BW-4752 is equipped with a control unit of 3 positions:

– 2 - maximum temperature;

– 1 - minimum temperature; 

– 0 - off 

The heating blanket model BW-4753 is equipped with a control unit with 3 positions: 

– 2 - maximum temperature; 

– 1 - minimum temperature;

– 0 - off 

Before connecting it to the socket, check that the control unit switch (A) is in position ‘0’ (lowest) .

• The heating blanket plug and mains plug are fixed to the control unit.

• Connect the heating blanket plug  to the heating blanket connector.  

• Connect the mains plug to the mains socket (230V AC/50Hz). 

• Place the blanket on that part of your body you wish to heat and select     

• For rapid heating, select the max level , after a few minutes the heating blanket will already be pleasantly warm.

• After use, disconnect the blanket from the

 mains socket.  

The creased part tends to cause high temperature which is very dangerous. 

   WARNING The mains socket must be close and easy accessible.

Machine washing of the blanket is possible; however, hand wiping will prolong the life of the blanket. 

• To machine wash, remove the control unit and place the blanket in a net bag and seal it. 

• Use a small amount of detergent and set the washing machine to a "Delicate Wash" with a maximum temperature of 40°C.     When washed, remove the blanket from the net bag and drape it over a clothes line to dry. 

• Do not use clothes pegs to secure it.

• Allow the blanket to dry naturally.