Set the air conditioner to the lowest possible temperature. Let the air conditioner run for a few minutes and then hold your hand in front of the cold air outlet on the front of the air conditioner. If you feel cold air coming out of the outlet, it means that the air conditioner is working as it should.

If no cold air comes out of the outlet, check the settings again and if they are OK, the air conditioner may not be OK.

If the air conditioner works as it should but the temperature in the room where it is placed does not drop or does not drop enough, we advise you to check the following.

If you use a mobile air conditioner, you must consider whether the capacity is sufficient to cool the room in which it is located.

There are a few things that influence this.

First check whether the capacity of the air conditioner is sufficient. It is impossible to cool a very large room with a mobile air conditioner.  

Check that the doors and windows are closed during operation,

Try to reduce sunlight as much as possible. Close curtains, especially those directly affected by sunlight.

Use a window connection kit to lead the hose for the exhaust air to the outside.
This ensures that the warm exhaust air does not flow back into the room.

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