If your model number is FR-6974 (ED-7005), FR-6975, FR-6979LF, FR-6980, FR-6980B, FR-6981SY, FR-6985PR or PD-8712PR then please see the error messages below:

Error CodeCauseSolution
E1Thermostat sensor fault.
Please visit https://www.tristar.eu/en-gb/customerservice/warranty-repairs to check how and where to file a warranty claim.

The model number is usually found on either the bottom or the back of the unit on the information sticker, for example please see picture below.

This solution is suitable for Model FR-6974 (ED-7005), FR-6975, FR-6979LF, FR-6980, FR-6980B, FR-6981SY, FR-6985PR, PD-8712PR