The table below shows what the error codes on our electric blankets with article numbers BW-4780 / BW-4781 / PD-3803 mean

Error CodeCauseSolution
E1The connector isn't connected tight enoughTurn off the power and unplug the item from the socket. Reconnect the connector tighter. Put the plug in the socket and turn on the power.
E2The inside temperature of the controller is too highTurn off the power and let the controller cool down. Once the controller is cool, you can turn the power on again.
E3No calibration or abnormal calibration of the controllerPress "+" and "Timer" together, then plug in the power cord and wait about 2 seconds for the calibration setup. After about 5 seconds, the controller automatically exits the calibration setup, this means the calibration is successful; If the calibration setup remains, the calibration has failed.